Value Of Top Tier MBA

Top tier MBA programs offer much higher benefits to its graduates in terms of academics, career opportunities, alumni network, and brand value


  • The top 15 MBA program excel in all business concentrations/areas of Marketing, Finance, Operations, Management, Entrepreneurship, etc.
  • The next 15 excel in some, but have weaknesses in others
  • The rest offer little since their top professors are lured by top programs

Career Opportunities

  • Prestigious hiring companies highly value top tier MBA programs
  • Top tier consulting firms, premier investment banks, big tech firms, leading PE/VC firms only come to recruit at the top 30, and hire mostly from the top 15 (See pie chart on the right to get an idea)
  • A top tier MBA is basically an admission ticket to better career opportunities particularly short term

Alumni Network & Brand Value

  • Top tier MBA programs offer higher quality alumni network since generally higher caliber people graduate from those programs
  • Their strong brand equity means staying power in an oversold and overbought MBA market, and likelihood of appreciating brand value

To view top tier MBA programs’ statistics, please click here. On the table located on the bottom of that page, you will see schools’ acceptance rates, average GPA / GMAT, etc. We recommend you view this from your computer as supposed to from your mobile.

Source:, Stratus Prep

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