Mini GMAT Quiz: Experience a Sample of the Real GMAT Test

Mini GMAT Quiz Contents

This Mini GMAT quiz consist of past 8 GMAT test questions that consist of 4 GMAT Verbal and 4 GMAT Quant questions.


  • You need to complete the entire quiz from the beginning to the end or an error could result in the end. If you encounter any issues, you should clear your web browser’s cache.
  • If you have the option to access the quiz through your desktop as supposed to your mobile, we recommend doing so; it’s easier to do the quiz on a larger screen.


  • By taking this GMAT quiz, you will get a sample and feel of what the actual GMAT test is like.
  • At the end of this quiz, your score will be emailed to you detailing the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly. You can use this score report to gauge your strength and weakness areas.
  • See how many questions you can get right and challenge your friends for fun to beat your score by sharing this mini GMAT quiz!

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